Stop Doing What Has Not Worked

If you keep trying what has not helped, you’ll only get the same results. Studies show how mind and body are connected. You don't feel satisfied because of painful past, harmful habits or unresolved issues. We coach emotional intelligence and bring desired success in:


emotional intelligence

Providing online and offline sessions, Emotional Intelligence Specialist, Dr. Ophelia Wang, uses hypnotherapy to address physical and emotional states that block you from having the success. Restore optimal satisfaction with private sessions.


mind-body coaching

Focusing on harmony in mind and body, renowned Yogi Arijit, connects external and internal balance. Through various practices and therapies, adjust lifestyle for physical and mental wellness. Empower YOU with private or group sessions.


rapid change therapy

You are not represented by your issues. You deserve feeling better with a program customized to your goals, needs and development to relieve from feeling stuck. Yogi Arijit and Ophelia Wang, work with you to become the best of YOU.

Changes happen with preparedness. With commitment, consistency, readiness and resilience, you are 100% in charge, in control and accountable.

— Ophelia Wang and Yogi Arijit