The Caring Nature System helps busy professionals to manage stress, reduce anxiety, ease pain and eliminate limiting beliefs, with a unique blend of physical, mental and emotional approaches in Rapid Change Therapy.
— Ophelia Wang and Yogi Arijit
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Reduce tension and stress

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Reduce anxiety and panic

There are 3 common blockers that keep you away from achieving goals:

1. Not believing that yourself is worth it. Nobody can take away what you have in you, and the potential that you haven’t optimized yet.

2. Lack of stamina and emotional resilience, giving up easily when facing the first hurdle.

3. Giving away inner control and power, and allowing negative factors to impact decision making and action taking.

We help you to unblock the obstacles by addressing:

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fears and phobias

● Do you have an intense, disabling fear?

● Do you feel that your fear is excessive and unreasonable?

● Do you avoid certain situations and places because of your fear?

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● Do you have an inner critic telling you you’re not good enough?

● Are you worried about feelings of inadequacy?

● Do you struggle to connect to others and create?

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● Do you lack motivation and sometimes feel like your own worst enemy?

● Do you struggle to control your eating habits?

● Do you tend to hide behind tasty food and overeat?

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● Are you worried about that constant heaviness in your mind?

● Do you often think something isn’t quite right?

● Suffer from panic attacks?



● Do you suffer from chronic pain?

● Do you suffer from dizziness?

● Do you feel constantly tired and exhausted?

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● Do you have difficulty to stop drinking?

● Have you tried quitting smoking, but unsuccessfully

● Any other bad habits?

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stress and anger

● Do you live with a huge knot permanently in your stomach?

● Does stress feel like a hazy fog that is so thick it literally slows you down?

● You can hardly concentrate?

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sleep improvement

● Do you have difficulty sleeping?

● Do you spend most of your life exhausted and overtired?

● Cannot stop thinking at night?

Great relationship with others begin with an excellent relationship with yourself. By treating yourself differently, you’ll focus on changes and naturally get the desired results. Action plan = a plan for action of changes.

clients who followed through action plans say:

“Every session meant a lot to me because with Ophelia’s clear and attentive made so much easier for me to let go of all the burdens of my problems. Indeed I felt very good and astonishing change in me after each session...never thought that changes could happen so quickly to me.

Working together -as client and coach- is very easy because Ophelia’ s personality: very open minded, warm and welcoming and easy to exchange ideas, giving me advice and openly discussing what steps she would do in every session, and what homework to do and practice daily, which also helps me to able sleep well and be calmer.” - L-S. L

“...I felt like been through a journey, I followed her guidance to gradually dig into the deepest fear from childhood, the negative emotions in life, and tried to release those feelings through the sessions. Her voice is calm and the way she talked is encouraging, I feel comfortable revealing my thoughts.

Not just the hypnosis itself helped me a lot, chatting with her is also a pleasure. I recommend her service to people who experience sleeping problems, it worked out better than the various therapies I had tried before.” - D.P.