Remove your emotional disruptions and achieve your desired fitness 

Yoga encourages toxic emotional issues to be faced, as opposed to being suppressed, so you can learn to effectively fight your food cravings head on.

Stress creates increased cortisol in your body which can lead to emotional comfort eating. Yoga however, creates a calm and relaxed environment away from stress.

With the use of yoga therapy and mind empowerment techniques you can better understand why you might be struggling to achieve your desired fitness, and we help tackle those emotional obstacles together.

Don’t allow unhappiness to develop along with your suppressed feelings

“As an adult I suppressed emotional stress instead of releasing it. I clenched jaw muscles, tightened neck and shoulders, had muscle spasms. I began to have chronic neck pains. I had little and low quality of sleep, no time to eat well, no energy to exercise. I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and passive suicidal thoughts,  but yoga therapy helped me on my path to healing.”

Did you know that people are more likely to develop chronic emotional issues during, or after times of unhappiness?

With yoga therapy you can achieve mental clarity and peace. Your mind and body can learn to heal from the toxic emotions within, and then you can flourish from the inside and out.

Enrich your life, empower yourself and live confidently.

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Let the healing begin with the therapeutic yoga. Receive personalized attention in the group class!

“Arijit can solve any problems, he knows how to help you in individual case, how to improve your practice by his personal attention to everybody. And the most important thing for me - he is always studying himself, exploring his body and soul.”
— Katya Goncharova