An experience unlike any other! Deep yoga knowledge, great energy healing, relaxing and heart-opening meditations, creative flows, therapeutic and customized topics for needs, and so caring, loving and kind! Truly living yogis.
— Indigo Yoga Studio
“...I felt like been through a journey, I followed her guidance to gradually dig into the deepest fear from childhood, the negative emotions in life, and tried to release those feelings through the sessions. Her voice is calm and the way she talked is encouraging, I feel comfortable revealing my thoughts.
Not just the hypnosis itself helped me a lot, chatting with her is also a pleasure. I recommend her service to people who experience sleeping problems, it worked out better than the various therapies I had tried before.”
— D. P.

Just an all around amazing teacher ! Every time I took his class, his energy was contagious. I felt nothing but positives vibes from him, especially during meditation. It is like he knew exactly what I needed to hear, he always said the right thing to keep my mind at peace.
— Grace Song