Featured and common services

Caring Nature provides online and in-person holistic healing services, enabling clients to remove obstacles on their paths which keep them from achieving their goals and living a fulfilling life. We uproot old responding mechanisms to difficult situations with hypnotherapy and wellness techniques. The goal of is to empower individual transformation and remove limiting beliefs. 

Most people report positive changes starting after the initial sessions. The desire and effort from the client is the most important aspect of transformation. The therapist guides the healing process by suggesting changes to the conscious and subconscious minds. Client makes changes by following instructions and using the power of the mind-body integration.

If you have a diagnosis from your physical or mental health provider, we can work alongside your doctor in helping you. Our services are complementary to traditional health services for alleviating problems. 

Pain management

Studies have shown that alternative health services can be effective at relieving or reducing pain. Whether you're hurting from acute pain, chronic pain, neck/shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, headache/migraine or nerve pain, we can help reduce the sensation of discomfort in your body and help you feel better, sleep better, and enjoy your life. Most clients feel after the initial sessions, and you can learn to manage the pain yourself–giving you control over your life back.

Healthy SLEEP

About 1 in 3 people have some form of sleeplessness or insomnia due to poor sleep habits, travel, stress, physical ailments, illness, psychological conditions, emotional depravities, or environmental factors. Doctors often prescribe powerful drugs with severe side effects that can cause additional problems while only masking the problem it was designed to "help". We can train the mind to fall asleep quicker while providing a longer and more fulfilling sleep cycle.

STRESS AND feelings of ANXIETY and depression

These lead to feelings of hopelessness and feeling overwhelmed. We help you with these issues by addressing the underlying contributing emotions, removing erroneous beliefs contributing to the feelings, and providing appropriate and beneficial tools that you can use every day to cope with ongoing stress and anxiety of everyday life. Many of our clients come to us after suffering for years and leave our office feeling renewed and ready to take on the world, and you can too!


Many people are driven by fear (Forget-Everything-And-Run), which is very common. Fear is an instinct we've relied on to guide us on better decision-making, but often times we let fear be the driver of our lives. Letting fear dictate the course of your life only leads to a less fulfilling life, but it doesn't have to be. Our work can relinquish the fear that is interfering with your best life and turn it into Face-Everything-And-Rise. 


From diet to exercise to the latest fad—many have tried to lose weight and were unsuccessfull. It's difficult in a fast-paced world where one can find food instantly to lose weight. Many of us struggle with self-image and cravings, but many of us don't realize that the mind needs to be in the right place to accept change and acknowledge self-worth. You are worthy of good health. We work with people just like you, who are looking to fulfill their goals and aspirations but are tired of failing.

substance use

Too-much behavior is a lifelong struggle that defeats many around the world. Sadly, many don't understand the power behind hypnosis and often lose the battle. Studies have shown what the combination of therapy and hypnosis can help with. This can be powerful for those in the recovery process, too. We perform techniques specially created to trigger changes in the brain and to address underlying issues and self-sabotage. We commonly address the too-much behavior of:

  • Alcohol

  • Drugs

  • Smoking

  • Over-eating

  • Porn/Sex

  • Gambling


Relationships are work and often require assistance and maintenance to remain healthy. Schedule a session to begin creating the healthy relationship with others if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Discouraged and defeated

  • Poor communication or compulsive lying

  • Obsession or manipulation

  • Feeling trapped or perfectionism

  • Abused and controlled

  • Lack of trust and feeling insecure


Remove your self-limiting beliefs and start living your best life. You can improve your life drastically to rekindle your self-confidence, self-worth and self esteem. Realize your potential and become proud of who you are and what you do with a powerful wellness session. You will leave with self-love and an understanding of your potential.


Anger is natural. But if it is controlling you instead of you controlling it, it can damage things and leave you alone and confused. We help by giving you control back over your emotions in a healthy way to express. End your unhealthy anger by removing the underlying causes. We will target the cause of outbreaks and sudden rages and terminate the mindset that fuels the aggression. 


Do you feel unfulfilled, like there's something missing from your life? Are you feeling unmotivated or just stuck? This is a common affliction we help others overcome. You can take back the control of your life and become successful in achieving the goals you set. We can help you reach those goals faster and easier than you ever thought possible. It's time to maximize your true potential and inner strength. It's time to understand who you really are and who you want to be.


Staying on top of your game not only requires diligent hard work, but also the right mental focus. Improve your skills or learn how to hone in on something you've wanted to do by boosting your confidence and improving your performance. Whether you're looking to better your pitch or up your endurance, we can assist. 

SELF HYPNOSIS and meditation

Through a hypnotic or meditative state of trance, we can teach you to ground and reprogram yourself. You can live your best life by having the tools necessary to combat stress, limiting beliefs, anger, frustration, sadness, and other negativities. Align the goals with your mind, body, and spirit with self hypnosis or meditation.


Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life, or are you curious about hypnosis and hypnotherapy? Through the deepest levels of hypnosis, we will spend time in discovering why you're wanting to learn more about your past lives and what you would like to accomplish from the session. This will reveal images, feelings, and sensations that can be interpreted into a cohesive vision of a past life (and sometimes a few lifetimes). After a deep hypnosis session, you will come out feeling peaceful, a bit disoriented and drained, and full of awe at the indescribable experience you just had. We will take some time after the session to reorient you and ensure you are well grounded before leaving the office. 


We work with individuals all around the world, so there's no limitations in location. You just need a computer and internet access! To make things even more convenient, we offer our services in the following languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Bengali, and Bahasa Indonesia. We look forward to hearing from you.