Turn wishful thinking to willful actions. What’s getting in the way to block desired changes from happening? If you keep talking, thinking and doing the same thing in the same way, you’ll only get the same results. Change work happens when you’re ready to jump onto it by acting on changes.
— Ophelia and Arijit
How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up on being a caterpillar.
— Trina Palus

CLARITY — phase 1

The first phase on your journey to wellness and well-being includes an assessment of your current state and a discussion regarding your goals and what you'd like to achieve by working with us. This phase provides valuable insight and cements the path to transformation.


REFLECTION — phase 2

Self-reflection is key when reprogramming your mind. We dive in deep to deconstruct the old mind-body framework, to discover the cause to your issue(s) and where it/they originated from. We guide you in recognizing set-backs, as well as begin paving the path to betterment.


FREEDOM — phase 3

In your third phase, we focus on changing the mindset. We address the issue(s) head-on, and install a new view with an action plan. We reconstruct the mind-body framework to handle the challenges. You regain the feeling of freedom, control, lightness, strength, and power. The pressure has lifted, and change begins with motivation and empowerment.



Training for a marathon, you need to practice. This is the same with the mind. For you to get the most from us, we need to reinforce the changes. While most feel in control, motivated and confident quickly, others need additional time. Depending on the intensity of the issue(s), the number of total sessions to complete all phases varies. 

FAQ 1: why does our therapy work faster than other types?

Think about hair removal. Imagine addressing your issue is like hair removal process (reference: Ailime Durante).

Some old-fashioned therapies work like the razor blade. You shave on the surface but it's barely just scratching off the top. So you shave again and again and for years and years the hair keeps growing back.

Some better therapies work like waxing. Something applies on the hair, stick to it and when you peel it off, you peel off the hair. But the roots stay inside even after the peeling, so you still have to peel periodically.

Our work is like the ultimate laser hair removal system. We go into the roots, work on and from the roots, so that's why the results are rapid and long-lasting. Just like laser hair removal requires a few treatments to clean up, our systematic progressive work may need a few sessions and we deliver permanent shifts to change.

FAQ 2: What is the experience like to work with our therapy?

There may be many deep-rooted layers to the cause of certain issues. What we do is like peeling an onion until you get to the core of it, we guide you to uncover the root cause of the problem. We eliminate negative effects from the past and help you to put that behind you.

When something happens → the rational, analytical, logical, short-term memory in the conscious mind gives it a meaning → that meaning goes into the subconscious mind where long-term memory, belief and habits are to generate emotion → emotion then affects the unconscious mind that creates the body response to have feeling → this then affects behavior by reacting out or thinking to respond.

Because our mind is so complex, we “peel an onion” in layers in order to bypass any protective filter that is preventing you from letting new information/insights affect your subconscious mind.

FAQ 3: Are you ready for our therapy?

Inner work happens when you are ready to commit fully with “I have had enough of this in my life; I am really going to make a big difference”. You need to be 100% determined, because we are working on both external and internal factors pulling inside that increase tension. We are for you when you decide that you really want the change and you are accountable for that decision.

Your Private Healing sessions are available in-person or online.

We work with individuals all around the world, so there's no limitations in location. You just need good internet access and in fact, you can pick your own favorite private space and settings in your comfortable way, without traveling to another place! To make things even more convenient, we offer our services in the following languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Bengali, and Bahasa Indonesia. We look forward to hearing from you.