Hypnosis + therapy = hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a natural state of focused concentration, which people experience its light state in daily life. Anyone of normal intelligence and is able/willing to follow instructions can be hypnotized. Hypnosis is a consensual in mind. You follow the instructions of the hypnotherapist (like a coach) to remain in hypnosis. Although you move from normal waking consciousness (characterized by beta brain waves) into hypnosis (characterized by alpha brain waves), your conscious mind is always able to listen to what the hypnotherapist says.

It is a powerful state of awareness that can be used to uncover and dissolve the root cause of many issues. Hypnosis allows you to access all the necessary information inherent within the subconscious mind, discover the subconscious reasons for symptoms, behaviors, or habits. Then certain tools and techniques are used to help release them and relearn a new positive way of thinking (RE-vision, RE-mind and Re-act). Peer reviewed medical journals show studies proving that hypnosis works, and that hypnotherapy methods can change lives.

wellness enhancement

Living a holistic lifestyle is a commitment to healthy activities and living life with meaning and purpose. Achieve mental, physical, and spiritual wellness through a very unique blend of yoga, meditation, Tantra, energy healing, aromatherapy and other modalities of universal wisdom. Recharge your body, mind, and soul with nature's bliss.



Beyond practicing poses or sitting meditations, yoga is a way of living. Originating in ancient India, yoga has transformed lives all across the world. The ultimate goal of yoga is moksha (liberation). If you desire harmony in both body and mind, yogic living is the one of the most effective. While we offer traditional yoga classes, we also offer special classes such as:

  • Children's yoga for concentration and energy utilization,

  • Family yoga to enhance bonding,

  • Playful yoga in alternative styles,

  • and yoga therapy to empower individuals toward wellness and well-being.


Integrating carefully chosen essential oil blends with yoga enhances the practitioner's experience. Our five senses (hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell) have immense effects on our behavior and mood. Aromatherapy stimulates the smell sense, or "ghrana" in Sanskrit, which can alter our feelings and sensations depending on the aromas we breathe in. Yoga and essence working in tandem creates harmonized flows of body movements, breath work, and meditation resulting in calmness, balance, and peace.




Discover the contemporary and dynamic practice we've designed to enable relaxation and focus. Dance flow yoga coordinates movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. Various styles of yoga may be used to create unique and fun flows. 


Focusing on reaching a deeper level of consciousness, dynamic meditation consists of gentle movements and breath work. By widening physical passages for energy movement, we release stuck energies and allow smooth energy flow between chakras and pressure points. This makes us feel lighter, refreshed, and rejuvenated with brighter vibes. 

We may add aroma and sound to the meditation for added emotional freedom, healing, stress-relief, and balance. 




Kundalini is part of Tantric practice where we can meet the divinity in everyday experience, inside our everyday bodies. As Kundalini energy rises, it moves up through the chakras, encountering blockage (emotional, physical or psychological patterns) and leading to removal. Kundalini energy can keep going up, eventually merging energy from the root to crown chakras. This leads to greater consciousness. (More)

We apply movements and dynamic breathing combination to open the body, go beyond the mind into a meditative state, and surrender blockages or tensions. This creates an energy current in the body by expanding and contracting the energy flow. You feel the energy generating internal heat. To raise our energy and vibration, we clear out the blockages that cause imbalance, disconnection, low vibration and illness. Such active internal environment allows purification, healing and balance to occur, so we can obtain optimal health, growth and overall wellness for our well-being. (More)


Experience the unique form of massage, Abhyanga. The word ‘Abhyanga’ is composed of two Sanskrit words, abhi and anga. Abhi means ‘towards’ and anga, in one of its meanings, refers to ‘movement’. Originating from Ayurvedic medicine, Abhyanga involves oils to help relax and soften the tissues and massage of the body in the direction of blood flow. We use Ayurveda massage to help balance the doshas (body energies) and often pair with an Aryuvedic diet and cleanse. Abhyanga rejuvenates the mind and body, and is recommended for healing and overall health and well-being.



Ayurveda, similar to Indonesian jamu, is broader ancient Indian remedy, medicine, curative and preventive therapy based on natural ingredients and processes, such as plant parts, vegetables and minerals. It has deep connections with essential oils or organic skin and food products for different needs and purposes to cleanse and recover.

We prescribe Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle to improve physical health by diagnosing Ayurvedic body types, imbalance of body energies (doshas), diet for different doshas, and matching healthy food and yoga. We then provide detox work, Ayurvedic cleanse for outer and inner bodies, and Ayurvedic pressure points work.⠀


Energy channeling is an alternative healing form, generally using transfer of universal energy. A spiritually guided life-force energy heals by flowing through the energy field, raising the vibratory level of energy field in the physical body, and breaking blockages and bringing balance. It clears and heals the energy pathways, allowing the life force to flow in a natural way to where needed.

This works on the body, mind, emotions and spirit by stimulating the body’s own natural healing capacity. We can consider such energetic healing as path of personal development and spiritual discipline, because it works on physical, mental and spiritual developments.

Example Modality: Reiki


Sound Healing

For hundreds of years, sound healing has been used therapeutically to calm and reduce many afflictions. We use music in nearly all aspects of our lives from celebrations and leisure to passing of loved ones and praise. It comes as no surprise that music is healing and therapeutic. We use sound to tap into the seven chakras (a Sanskrit term meaning "spinning wheel of energy/light") for powerful healing. Because we hold every thought, emotion, and feeling in one of our chakras, it is imperative to release them so they don't build up and become lodged. Through the use of singing bowls, we can restore the vibratory frequencies in each of the chakras to bring harmony back to the body, mind, and soul. You will feel the waves just as much as you hear them, and leave feeling empowered and spiritually awakened.