The true you is not represented by your issues

Does your thought or behavior really reflect who you are and what you want?

Does this sound like a day in your life:

-Struggle in relationships with others;
-Not enough no matter how hard you're trying;
-More critical to judge yourself all the time;
-Lost in clarifying your purpose in life;
-Inner conflict with what your ultimate path is;
-Overdoing of things to approve yourself or please others;
-Not acknowledged, unimportant, unappreciated;

-Unable to define and reach your goals;
-Out of motivation, focus and the fuel to get going....

You gotta face these struggles with honesty first. Take a deep and powerful journey, where the trailhead says, Know yourself inside and out first.

Think about the difference between what you truly want vs. what you think you should want, to prove to yourself and others. Is that what you think you should want, really what you need?

The best you is not represented by your issues. When you decide to re-turn to the original self is when you understand what's holding you back and tackle the barriers.

Is the inner you ready to re-mind yourself, re-vision your life, and re-act for the best? Stop thinking what makes you look good or cool. Look for what brings you long-lasting fulfillment of joy and bliss.