Your power, strength and control to turn uh-oh moments to a-ha in life

Learning how strong you actually can be, makes all the blood, sweat and tears from uh-oh to a-ha so rewarding.

90-95% of the time what people say has been bothering them or what they do that bother others, is the surface or symptom of deeper issues. For example, 

- You take things on the defensive mode quickly, getting offended easily, why is that? Because you

- Have difficulty to accept if things don't evolve or people don't respond in you way, why is that? Because you

- Feel you have to prove to others and yourself that you're right with a valid point, why is that? Because you

- Worry about your performance, how people evaluate you, your standing, and who you really are, why is that? Because you

- Are insecure about what if you lose respect, lose recognition, lose attention and lose "control", why is that? Because you

- Have fear of something bad might happen, whatever it is such as losing love support or care, why is that?

There could be many reasons that gave you the perception of not having control in life, uncertainty is scary, unexpected challenges are horrible, you don't deserve to be loved and respected, etc.

Opening these deep layers of understanding of what's really happening from within, enables you to take the inner control back in life and then empowers you to change from within, layer by layer.

Many times people say after this process, "wow I didn't know I still remember this! I didn't realize that was what really happened to me! " This a-ha moment, is the beginning to transformation.

An a-ha moment means things click and work together. An uh-oh moment means things break apart and hurt. Before reaching the a-ha we often experience enough uh-oh, to the state that we can't take it anymore and really want to feel different.

What's sustaining the transformation? The empowered determination to stay as healthy as you can, to control how you want to release or retain, and to be you own inner boss of who you are.