Emotional detox

Life is an effort to be happy. You put a lot of efforts on material or physical aspects. But what about emotions ?

Cow face pose

Cow face pose

Research has shown that the cells that carry emotions to the brain are also present in the immune system and impact the nervous and endocrine system.

So emotional healing, emotional cure and emotional care are crucial to your health. One important part to work on, where emotions are stored but often neglected, is your HIPS.

Hips never lie. They bury.

Hips store trauma, stress, and anxiety.

Releasing this tension is wonderful, but before practicing any yoga posture or breath work consult with an expert if you have health issues. You should not do some of the practices here if you have specific issues, or you should practice with moderation.

10 newbie and beginner friendly yoga poses to release hip tension for EMOTIONAL DETOX:

Devi Asan ( Goddess Pose)

Veer Bhadrasan 1 (warrior 1)

Veer Bhadrasa 2 (warrior 2)

Anjaneya Asan (deep low lunge)

Gomukhasa (cow Face pose)

Titli Asan/baddha konasan (butterfly/bound angle pose )

Dwi Kapotasan (double pigeon pose)

Mandukasa (frog Pose)

Malasan (garland Pose)

Ananda Balasan(happy baby pose)

3 simple ways to breathe out the emotional toxins from Pranayam (breathwork) for emotional detox:  

Bhastrika (bellow-breathing)

Chandra Ved (left nostril breathing)

Surya Ved (right nostril breathing)

Follow these simple exercises to stretch the areas where all you unwanted feelings and old negative emotions are stored, release the tension, breathe out the heaviness inside you, open your passage to receive positive energies, and let your emotions to cleanse for better health.