Help Lombok by Wine & Friends

Holiday season is the season to give and receive. Caring Nature's very own special guest healer Wine devotes himself to emergency aid after series of earthquakes hit Lombok islands in Indonesia.



From the author: Using his boat Wahoo, Dutch-born geologist & Bali-resident, Wijnand 'Wine' Langeraar is providing emergency aid for the Northern region of Lombok, Indonesia, that was most heavily affected by the series of earthquakes. His help started with delivering emergency goods to the most remote areas in North-Lombok which are inaccessible for the government.

His locally respected social worker Ibu Dian makes sure these goods are equally divided over the people. In the meanwhile he has made four of these trips from Bali to Lombok with his boat full with supplies like food, hygiene products and most important of all water filters. There is currently no water available as the water pipes are broken, making the local people dependent on his portable water filter systems. However, this is only a temporary solution.

Now, using all expertise around him, he has indicated two crucial problems in the water supply of the area. The first problem are the broken pipes supplying water for drinking, hygiene and everyday life. The second problem are the broken irrigation trenches that are currently unable to supply water to the local agriculture. Crops are dying, creating a larger, longer term food problem for these people. Since the government is overwhelmed by the need for help, Wine and his friends are aiming to fix these problems for as many villages as possible located in the region of Bayan, Northern Lombok. A rather big goal, but essential for rebuilding the lives of many people in this region and therefore unquestionably necessary to pursue.