The deep love sits within you

Embrace the ones that love you so much!

Grown-up: “I feel this void inside me. I don’t love myself. I don’t know what I’m worth.”

Young one: “I don’t know how to end this unhealthy relationship because I’m afraid to be alone.”

Little one: “If I’m not good enough then I’ll lose love, importance, and value from others.”

Does that sound familiar to YOU?

So you seek attention, push yourself to look tough and strong, feel bad when you are not “good enough”, think you’re a failing loser when things don’t work out in the exact way, undervalue yourself and others, fill the void with too-much behavior, etc.

You don’t see your self-worth because you don’t feel the self-love. Underneath the mask of “I don’t love myself” is the inner YOU saying, “I NEED love!”

Let me tell you, LOVE IS ALWAYS THERE. It exists in every stage, every layer of you, to yourself.

The present you feels guilty for letting the younger YOU go through a rough path because of love.

The younger you blamed him/herself for wrong decisions, which came from the intention of just trying to help YOU to make things better.

The little you made mistakes, but he/she really meant to protect YOU from worse situations.

All these phases of you that live inside you, layer by layer, are symbolic of LOVE: they’re YOUR helper, protector, guard, guide, etc. They just didn’t know better to always do what was best for you. How they wish they would have known back then what they know now!

Allow yourself an opportunity to tell all stages of you “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Give them a big hug, so tightly that they can no longer separate from you, as if they all melt together and become ONE INSIDE.

Then, this BIG YOU, filled with love, will go on with the greatest love that’s the deepest, most unconditional and unshakable kind, because it comes from yourself and is always there.