Good sleep indicates mental peace

Sleep protocol to have good, sound sleep.

July 12 2018 CNW Good sleep indicates mental peace.png

Sleep is one of the most important parts of our life. Without a proper sleep it’s completely impossible to have a healthy balance of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Inadequate sleep not only causes physical problems, but also affects your memory, emotions, and all kinds of performance in life.

Let me show you some great practices to help you with the insomnia or poor/light sleep problem.

“Yog Nidra” or “yogic sleep” is one of the most beneficial and fast effective methods. It takes you into a deep sleep and absolute rest of body and mind.

It takes your body and mind into such a deep level of sleep where you will be completely out of your physical, mental, emotional sensations and conscious or subconscious mind.

In a such a deep sleep you will not even have dreams.

Even just having a sleep of three to four hours in Yoga Nidra you can feel so much more relaxed, refreshed and positive from body and mind.

Let Yoga Nidra brings profound peace and connect your body and mind in and out in a deep sleep.

Caution: at the beginning you need to practice Yoga Nidra under the guidance of a teacher who is specialized and well experienced guide.