Get out of that “I can’t take it anymore” moment quickly

How to set yourself back to the ground when you go through a rough patch?

Do you have those moments, when you feel the heavy stress on your shoulders, acute anxiety as if you’ll have a panic attack, or quick anger that makes you want to scream?

And you think, oh no, pills don’t work, I can’t see my doctor/therapist right away, I’m too exhausted to even move, or I just freeze not knowing what to do...  

When you feel “I can’t do anything” then don’t force yourself as that will just create a mental block to resist changes. Just take a BABY STEP to inhale and exhale deeply, close and open your eyes, notice feelings/sensations, and just that.  

Because every little step, is more forward than staying and getting stuck. Follow these emotional detox SMALL STEPS to reduce the stress, anxiety and anger quickly:

1. Close and open your eyes. Take a deep breath. Now feel that disturbing feeling while making a fist in RIGHT hand, then open the fist.

Close and open your eyes again. Take another deep breath. Now feel a happy moment when you feel so great, while making a fist in LEFT hand. Open the fist.

Close and open your eyes again. Take another deep breath. Count to 10 and at 10, make a fist with BOTH hands. Now count to 5 then open the fists.

Try to get in touch with the unwanted feeling now...notice it becoming less. Repeat the process.

2. Close your eyes. Put the index finger in front of your nose. Now imagine a plant that you really like its good smell.

Visualize that plant or its parts in front of you.

Then take a deep breath, inhale that good aroma of the plant to chest, then exhale with the scent way into your lung.

And feel the positive feeling from the smell. Name that feeling. Open your eyes with it.

3. Now with that feeling, continue with self hypnosis audios to relax even more. Allow yourself to drift and float in the SEA INSIDE. Notice the deep calmness coming into you.