Breathe yourself to freedom

june 6 2018 breath yourself to freedom.jpg

Feel the ocean within you and live a life of freedom.

There are only 3 SIMPLE steps to experience a happy, peaceful, and balanced life:

1) Inhale

2) Exhale

3) Retention

When we look at the ocean, we see these same three movements.

Visualize the waves of the ocean. Relate and connect them with your breath.

When the waves rise to their highest, relate it with your inhalation. Expand like the wave.

As the waves break onto the shore, relate and connect them with your breath.

Just as the waves fall and lose mass, your exhale releases built-up tension and anxiety. Release like the wave.

Take another deep breath in, but this time hold it while you visualize the deepest part of the ocean.

The deep ocean is calm, quiet and stable. Hold your breath with stability and calmness. Now exhale.

As the ocean culls another wave, begin to inhale. Repeat this process until you feel a great sense of relief.

Incorporating this breathing technique into your daily life takes you to a level of calmness and balance most only dream of.

Life has ups and downs, just as the ocean has high and low tides, but you also have depth, calmness and stability if you know where to discover and connect with it.

When you find the ocean within you, you find just how easy it is to live a life of freedom. Free from tension, stress, anxiety, and even some physical ailments.

So, take a moment and discover freedom.