Life is filled with moments

June 7 2018 CNW mindfulness.png

There are moments of pure bliss, joy, love, happiness.
There are also moments of sadness, despair, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, and blame...
Life is very much a yin-yang kind of thing.

If you need a way to free yourself and transform your life….
Practice mindfulness.

No one is perfect in practice mindfulness.
When you are on the dark side feeling angry, anxious, guilty, frustrated, depressed, sad, inadequate, afraid, etc., just remind yourself to come back to the breath.

To practice the pause...
To take a minute and be still with yourself….
To remind yourself that it’s okay to not fill yourself with things, food, and drink…
but to fill yourself with compassion, kindness, self-respect, and love.

Also remind yourself that it’s okay if you are not perfect.
To remind yourself through mindfulness that we all, at our essence, are love.