Healing from the inside out

Why It is not enough to just focus on the present YOU?

You’re constantly facing difficult moments and  major upheavals in life.

Stress and frustration from work or family, an abusive relationship, insomnia from anxiety, challenges to lose weight, stay fit or quit addictive habits, etc.

You do all the right things to see counselors, make diet and exercise plans, maintain sleep hygiene, or go to workshops or meetup groups.

You desire to feel emotionally free, physically and mentally lighter, take the control back to your life, and stay motivated and confident towards pursuing your dreams.

You want to become who you really are and NEED to be.

As your current self  is hurting and you notice it brought by the present situations, you forget that your past self  is still bleeding deep down from the old cuts that haven’t healed.

Those old emotional scars give you limiting beliefs, negative feelings and erroneous perceptions. And they keep building up, cutting more intensely and burying the pain more deeply.

That’s why you also want to revisit the wounded young and little ones, dig into the original source of problems.

How fear of being left alone since childhood causes insecurity of being single, hence compromise in unhealthy or even toxic relationships.

Missing loving kindness in childhood results in lack of confidence that brings up anxiety and easy irritability.

Unresolved anger or suppressed emotions with family or others makes you want to distract the feelings by having the too-much behavior.

The past you is still sobbing, crying behind the thick emotional wall you built years ago in order to “look” good and strong.

When you uproot years of blocked feelings, neutralize the negatives and replant with the positives, you not only heal the present YOU, but also you give the past YOU compassion, understanding and unconditional love that they know they can always depend on, in a safe, secure and comfortable space: your heart center.

Allow yourself a chance to put them inside of you, reintegrate yourself with them, and heal old and new scars altogether, for a lifetime renewal of the present and past YOU.

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