To close one door is not the end, it’s allowing the doors for the optimal happiness to open

Learn how to narrow the sentences of years unto a lifetime in two words.

How do you let go of everything you once knew?

How do you accept it’s gone?

How do you process death and rebirth?

While well wishing and thanking them for everything in two words,

They say it’s as simple as two syllables, Good Bye.

But why’s it so hard?

In all areas of life you’ve got to learn to say goodbye to all that no longer serves you, mind, body and soul. To open yourself up to the higher possibilities the universe is guiding you toward. We are constantly growing and evolving and what sat with us years ago may no longer serve us now whether a career, living circumstance, partnership, friendship or relationship.

To close one door is not the end, it’s allowing the doors toward your higher purpose to open.

When you learn to say no to mediocre or to less than you deserve the universe hears you and understands exactly what you wish to manifest. If you stay where’s comfortable but you aren’t rising to your full potential or expanding in any way, you aren’t using your gifts to help uplift humanity – then it’s time to say goodbye.

Or the universe will continue to send you more crappy jobs, people etc. Because where energy goes more flows. When you choose to say ‘no’ more, you subconsciously you say ‘yes’ to what lights you up – so receive more of that. Things will flow to you much easier this way.

Remember YOU are in control of your own life, nobody else. If you work full-time to burn out or if you balance work and life – it’s a decision. If you surround yourself with drama or low vibrational people, again it’s your choice to be there.

If you spend your time running around you finish the race of life first, if you approach things with calm you ease through life and it lasts longer.

It is time to look at our lives and say goodbye to anything we’re clinging on to. Remember nothings permanent and you can choose to come back at any times but be sure to consider what you’re aiming towards and if it’s truly in alignment with the future you see for yourself.

If not it’s time to set it free so you can be free to be the best version of yourself! Hang in there through the roller-coaster of life.

- Charlotte Irvine

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