Restore the forest in mind, start with clearing out a new path

Do you remember a forest hike or a trek to summit? The open view makes it all worth it.

This is how a journey to re-build inner self resembles to a trip to the forest:

-You start a boat ride entering the woods (i.e. your mind)

-You might not want to be alone so you call a guide or friend to join

-You get some support to walk across a tiny bridge, learning how to re-balance yourself

-You sweat a lot, but a drop of natural water from inside a tree branch brings re-freshness (i.e. your new tools to healing)

-You realize the old, burned, dead, crispy parts of a tree (i.e. your mind) need to be uprooted

-You now have space to plant a new seedling, growing into a different tree (i.e. your re-framed mind)

-You and friends get to hug that new, big, grown tree (i.e. your new inner self)

-You feel so good, laughing hard because your new roots stand strong and stable

-You can see the stars or even a shooting star while exploring the forest at different times

Maybe you even hear the birds singing, monkeys calling, gentle breeze caressing your body, calm water carrying you to drift...

When you restore the forest in your mind, you become more lively, ready to take life to the fullest.

Healing process is like a trip to the forest. Your old habits and patterns of anxiety, anger, depression, stress, self sabotage, etc. repeat so much that they create a path to auto-lead your mind and body to it.

Healing process interrupts those habits and patterns, and with the new insights and guided tools, you start to create a new healthy path to wellness and happiness.

At first beating through bushes to make a new path is tough, but gradually the new path is clearing out and the old one disappears. Whilst the old path takes you nowhere but scrubs, the new path leads you to a pristine forest where you get to hug big trees!