Knowing what’s shaping the past and current YOU then reframe the future YOU

Your positive and negative selves come from somewhere. Get to know, embrace then re-integrate them.

You have within you both negatives and positives. You are made of stardust born from blackness after all…

That said it’s unhealthy to feed into the negative on your shoulder more than the positive as that would cause an imbalance, where one side is embraced and the other denied. To suppress part of yourself rather than express it in a healthy ways – seizes you to become whole.

To overcome this you must accept the night and the day ever-present inside us. It is said those who shine the brightest cast the biggest shadow, as those of you who believe we are all of good are feeding the ego, thus not able to recognise your own shadow self, to bring it into the light.

Come to know both of your alters and ask ourselves: What is on the negative side? To be aware in your entirety and embrace both polarities, you must also come to surrender and release judgement.

One never exists without the other and true harmony will exist when both are equal, as they will cancel each other out to become neutral. Knowing your alter selves is useful so that you may channel it when needed.

Your history, upbringing and traumas all contribute to both the negative and positive sides of you, of which you can use as keys to self discovery, for healing through all conscious and unconscious imprints these events in our life have impacted upon your present.

- Charlotte Irvine

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