Deconstruct the problems, reconstruct with solutions and actions

Knock down the old framework that doesn’t keep you grounded and stable anymore. Rebuild the new frame from a solid foundation.

How often do you experience this: something bothers you, you try a number of remedies, but they either don’t work or only help temporarily?

Let me ask you a question: if you invest in stocks or mutual funds but after 10, 15, or 20 years the trend line still shows a downward slope and you keep losing, do you stick to this investment or do you change the financial plan?

If your answer is “I make a new plan”, then why aren’t you doing the same thing for your overall health and happiness?

Don’t you value the importance of your health and happiness more than the financial investment?

Think about the journey of RE-MIND yourself, RE-VISION your life, and RE-ACT to get better, like renovating an old house---

You first inspect what’s broken, missing and no longer serving the needs. The you redesign the space considering the current needs, sketch a blueprint, and begin to tear down the old parts that no longer function well.

Finally after the project is done with new parts built and coating polished, you RE-INFORCE the product to prevent pests from returning (i.e. unnecessary old emotions and habits).

In this process you get rid of lots of junk in the garage and basement like how “feeling better” requires emptying what’s been stored inside that’s no longer useful and helpful (mental “deconstruction”).

You then install new appliances and decorate with new furniture, like how the emptied mind-body now allows plenty of space and time for fresh insights, self-understanding and new coping skills (mental “reconstruction”).

For loads of tangible and intangible work to invest in a house renovation project, wouldn’t you put at least the same amount of energy and efforts to RE-BUILD your wellness and wholeness?

If the answer is “no” then you’re probably not paying enough attention on taking care of your well-being. After all the purpose to build a house is to live with comfort, and without a healthy mind-body how can you enjoy, feeling comfortable, fun and secure?