Unbagging undesired emotions from the storage

What it feels like to release old stored emotions that no longer serve the needs.

You might have heard of “emotional release” when having breakthroughs of a-ha moments. What is like when that freedom arrives? Caring Nature’s hypnotherapist Ophelia Wang shares her story below.

I do hypnotherapy, teach and do self hypnosis for my own healing too. Today I had the most intense one. Started feeling very ill quickly, then I thought I needed to draw some protection and healing light.

I planned to do something similar to inviting a violet fire circle to fill and surround me, and warm healing light to completely cleanse and purify me, protect me, and yet, block out any incompatible, negative, or lower vibrational energy.  

As I began, I felt that was not the external influence of any negative incompatible energy. It was something internal inside of me that needed me to release. I kept pulling it, while feeling something was lifting out of me.

Then suddenly I broke down into lots of tears, sobbing, crying, feeling a complex of a lot of emotions coming out. Sadness, stress, tension, heaviness, guilt, fear, etc. Everything that was built up in the chest. I felt some physical pain releasing too.

As I continued to the second phase of self hypnosis, I really felt connected to each affirmation, which was emptying the negative cup, and then refilling with the positive cup. With every exhalation of my breath, I shed more tears, with releasing more tension.

After 45 minutes of the most intensive self hypnosis I've ever had, I felt lighter as if I tossed away a big chunk of unwanted junk. Also it felt like coming out of a shell. The bad cold that had bothered me for two weeks got better: my sinus congestion cleared up a bit. \

That day I continued to work for another 12 straight hours. The next day I was able to work with a client in a three-hour hypnotherapy session, with my voice back and easier breath.

It works. At the right moment, when the mind is ready to invite the transformation and receive all the messages that need to be in place. This self-cleansing, emotional detox process could be overwhelming but the result is so rewarding.