Unblock the mindset shift for body-mind breakthrough

How to overcome body-mind “defense mechanism” to free yourself from old, trapped things inside and keep moving forward and rising?

Do you turn a beer belly to six-packs after the first gym workout, or do you bear the muscle soreness and keep working on the abs because you know the change is happening?

Do you perform on stage after the first dance class, or do you bear all the frustration and confusion because you know you only get better with more practices?

Do you win a Michelin star after the first cooking class, or do you bear all the blood, sweat and tears because you know that’s what it takes to become a good chef?

If your answer is the latter one to all three questions above---then what makes you think trying one thing for a few minutes or just doing once will transform your overall health and happiness for a better life?

And again---then do you see, why and how it happens in life that sometimes you might feel worse before you get better?

Re-framing and re-setting body-mind work like that. During the process when something different cracks the old pattern wide open, creates new neural pathways in your brain, and relates new insights into your life---the old “defense mechanism” jumps in.

This “defense mechanism” is trying to protect you from painful memories or unwanted feelings. The trouble with defense is it perpetuates the discomfort because it prevents you from facing it and dealing with it. No one has died from having tears but many have had unfulfilling lives drowning their sorrows.

Dissociation (zoning out), forming opposite reaction, and attributing unwanted emotions to others. When the healing process wears down these defenses, you might feel “worse” because you’re working through the original pain that the defense was against. And you’re MORE AWARE.

But BETTER OUT THAN IN. You’ll continue the breakthroughs with old defenses cracked into smaller and smaller pieces, and what’s good: the opened space now allows new information, new habits, new ideas and new routines to come in.

EVEN BETTER: you also become more aware of all the good new things that can replace the old defenses if you re-inforce them again and again. They build up and make your foundation more solid if you keep strengthening them, because your awareness also gets better!