Love is the power within you

Let your actions to be guided by love to yourself and others.

Ask yourself, what is the most divine sentence in the world, and the answer is “ I Love you”.

Love is such a special gift that you have in yourself even with so many ups and downs, falls and rises , deep inside you are still living and loving.

Sometimes you can’t see and feel the presence of love in life. As a result you feel lonely, depressed, neglected, demotivated and start developing anger and destructive thoughts to yourself and others.

Eventually thoughts actualize into actions. So either they will be self destructive or harmful to others.

So why can’t you find or feel love in life? The answer is you only look for external love. You don’t see or feel the love within you.  You think only someone else can give you love.

But you completely ignore that the person who loves you the most is yourself or from within you.

A mother loves her child because it’s from her own body. It’s her own creation. She finds her own existence in her child. That’s why she does everything to make her child happy and healthy. She can do anything to protect her child. That unconditional love comes from within her.

The key is to be happy is to feel the love for yourself first.  The love doesn’t depend on anything and anyone else. It generates from the deepest from your heart and radiates. That’s how the energy, purity and positivity of love can touch each other.

When encountering any problems and upon facing any challenges, take a deep breath, close your eyes and tell yourself,

“ I Love myself, I know my inner love can help me to find a way out. It will not let me down. I am blessed with my inner love. I completely love and accept myself.

Yes I have difficulties but I have much bigger and stronger support, and that’s my inner love. It will not let me give up in hard times. Thanks for the beautiful gift of love.“

This will generate a huge amount of positivity, motivation and freshness in mind. Which will then attract positive results, consistent efforts and better solutions. You will rise and fly high, with WINGS OF LOVE.