The ONE barrier to discovering your self worth

Your perception of self worth has a misguided view of who you are molded by experiences, relationships, and society.  

You are a procrastinator. You feel unworthy of success. You’re not good at relationships. You aren’t loveable.

These limiting beliefs creep in and weave themselves into the fabric of who you are.  When you look at the tapestry of your self worth you see these beliefs.

Insightful thinking tells us belief generates emotions, emotions create feelings, and feelings cause behaviors.  

Yet, the power of insightful thinking is often unrecognized because it is so seldom used.  

Are these limiting beliefs from accurate perceptions, based on actual fact or on an assumption; a false conclusion?

The fact is, you must identify and root out the source of these beliefs.  Discover why this belief exists. Face the “why” in why you believe you can’t.  

Liberation from these limiting beliefs starts with recognizing you have cheated yourself - sold yourself short - not because of fact, but because of erroneous perception.  

You ARE valued, loveable and worthy.  You ARE safe, secure and supported. You CAN feel these things.  

You CAN replace that sad old tapestry with glorious new one that displays your true self worth.

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