Why do old problems persist

Why do you keep trying but are not getting better results?

You live with the hope that one day we will be as happy and content as you want to be. How often does that hope come true? To what maximum extent have you ever reached?

Most of us fail to fulfill that dream, or cannot reach to its fullest extent. Why is that?

Have you made enough efforts and commitment to realize the dream?

Do you really want it so badly, so seriously enough that you are willing to do whatever takes to make it come true?

You start with something, feel better momentarily, then you get frustrated, lose patience, and put less efforts or eventually give up after a while if you don’t get the results.

This way of trying brings failure---if you keep doing what DOES NOT WORK WELL, one thing is guaranteed: you’ll never see the optimal desired outcome.

It might take several attempts to find the most efficient and effective ways to support you, but patience, dedication, and consistency will never fail you.

The same thing goes to the path searching for self-value, confidence, motivation, self-love, happiness, inner peace, calmness and BEST QUALITY OF LIFE.

Don’t lose the big-picture goals, don’t block acceptance, don’t allow your pre-existing biased opinions limit what you can try to get better.

Open your mind and heart: discover what causes your problems, lay out solutions to deconstruct it, execute the action plan to deconstruct and reconstruct for your new freedom, and reinforce what WORKS to follow the action plan to keep going.

Light and breeze always come after the storm, as long as you’re fully ready to get through it.