Adaptive, needs-driven and solution-oriented holistic healing works even everything else does not

Anyone with normal intelligence and normal mental state, and is able to and willing to accept and follow instructions, can have his/her normal everyday problems eliminated or greatly reduced.

This not only applies to clinical-level medical situations, but also applies to people seeking alternative health and holistic healing for their wellness, wholeness, and well-being.

Nobody says it is easy: it takes time, effort, readiness, and most importantly commitment and consistency. Those who have determined that “I have enough of these in my life; NOW is the time to change” are the ones that lay out a solid path towards making a difference. That highly motivated mentality of “I only live once and I really want to start living differently in a healthy and happy way, to give myself an opportunity to be special”, builds the vehicle to travel on this healing path. While the client operates the vehicle, tools and guidance given by holistic healers provide fuels to run.

That is right: someone that keeps doing the same things that might or might not help from time to time, is holding him/herself back from moving forward. If those same things have not made oneself feel and get better consistently, then how can continuing taking the same steps make any difference?

When client A first called for the consultation, the need was “I want to know if hypnotherapy can help me decide if I should get divorced”. However, she informed that she has been through over 20 years of abusive relationship then marriage with the husband, with multiple incidents of domestic violence, affairs, manipulations, and hospital visits involved. Ophelia responded that hypnotherapy can only support decision- making of action plans for self-love, confidence, and strength. A began to cry on the video call, saying that she really wants to be happy. A few weeks later A called back, finally decided that she wanted a divorce and support for gaining courage, power, confidence, motivation, and clarity for a post-divorce life towards this goal.

Initial hypnotherapy session revealed that A had some awareness that she (or anyone) did not deserve the treatments she received, but fear of uncertainty and loneliness kept pulling her back into the old “comfort zone”, i.e. what brought her pain but at least the pattern was familiar to her. With systematic and progressive techniques used in the phases of gaining clarity, reflection, as well as forgiveness of negative feelings towards others and self, A understood clearly that her needed life is filled with love and respect, while her desired self is brave, independent, lively, and confident. The processes involved accepting positive insights to integrate herself with the lonely/unwanted/unloved inner child, releasing herself free from the anger, grudge, guilt and blame, and reinforcing that F-E-A-R is not Forget-Everything-And-Run, but Face-Everything-And-Rise. At each session A was able to reassure to her self “I have changed because now I know...that makes me I can...” with positive and tangible thinking implanted.

With greatly enhanced self-worth, A is now progressing legal work for divorce and restraining order protection, attending various self-growth and personal development courses, and exploring her interests in yoga and meditation training. Nothing is more rewarding than noticing A is looking brighter, more stable and grounded.

Client B came from a belief system that attracts her into spiritual and energy healing. She grew up in an abused family where her criminal parent was addicted to substances, aggressive, and violent to family members. As a result of being drawn into repeated patterns, B ended her first marriage with an aggressive husband. Nevertheless, she still had low self-confidence, fear of losing, anxiety, as well as worry (insecurity) about herself and family. She also sensed negative influence of incompatible energies in her house, feeling disturbed by potentially dark-force entities. All the emotional and spiritual discomfort lead to physical pain in lower back, breathing problems, difficulty to sleep, and headaches.

Since B already had high acceptance in spiritual work, Arijit employed a five-element healing system integrated with energy channeling, Ayurvedic bodyworks, therapeutic yoga, restorative sounds, and emotional healing. The system comprises breath work and stretching exercises that B continued to practice. In addition, energy and Vedic astrology readings, as well as house energy cleaning took place throughout the process.

Similar to the hypnotherapy progress with Client A, B experienced progressive changes: improved sleep and breathing, less pain and anxiety, greater relaxation and openness, eliminated fear, and cleansed energies. She is on her path for a more balanced and fulfilling life, enjoying pleasures in life to its fullest extent possible.

Holistic healing works even everything else does not because it is adaptive (from hypnotherapy to spiritual healing and chakra balancing), needs-driven (with a focus on the big picture, i.e. client’s ideal life and ultimate goals), and solution-oriented (what takes to address client’s pressing problems and pain points). Furthermore, unlike a number of medical treatments that only seek to eliminate symptoms, holistic healing identifies and uproots the origin of issues, with a long-term transformation embedded into client’s conscious and subconscious minds. When the client holds him/herself accountable for the outcome and stays 100% responsible for the continuing development, then the most marvelous award appears: getting back in control of life and unlocking the opportunity to make decisions and taking actions.