Are you struggling with too-much behaviors such as smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling, sex, shopping, or nail biting?

Have you tried various ways but found it difficult to quit?

Do you know that these behaviors are formed in response to unresolved emotions or in a way to distract you from unmet needs and desires?

For example, you might associate smoking or drinking with relief. Even though it is a stimulant, harms health and increases your expenses, you have repeatedly conditioned your subconscious mind to accept it as a to-go mechanism for feeling good.

The power lies in your subconscious mind - which creates emotions, generates feelings, runs all responding behaviors automatically.

The Caring Nature System helps you re-train your subconscious so it is not run on auto pilot mode, reacting to current or future triggers. Studies have shown what the combination of therapies can help with. This can be powerful for those in the recovery.

We support you to rewire your mind, implement alternative activities, sustain the new habits with consistency, and create lasting effects by redirecting your auto pilot to natural, healthy, meaningful and fulfilling actions.

Along the way if we discover any underlying residual that could trigger the behavior again, we help you understand how it has affected you and uproot it, with highly personalized technique to minimize and then completely diminish those habits.

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ready to be free from the too-much habits? Book a discovery call to know how you can start feeling better quickly and effectively!

“My goal was to reduce or eliminate the urges to alcohol. I learned techniques to try to bypass the urge when it arose. After about the 3-4 session, the urges had less strength and frequency. The whole process was one of discovery, and I learned new things about my past, and revisited memories long stored away.”
— Dan